A database resource that collects and utilizes gene expression profiles derived from microarray platforms under various conditions to infer metabolic pathways for plants.

(Tseng et al., 2020)

An online system for user-customized gene expression profiles that can help to infer the metabolic pathways of any organism under various conditions.

(Zheng et al., 2017)

Provides an informative resource for detecting TFBSs, corresponding TFs, regulatory elements or set of promoters to analysis or reconstructing transcriptional regulatory networks.

(Chow et al., 2015)

It can be used to clarify the transcript response mechanisms in different metabolic pathways under various conditions in the green algae Chlamydomonas reinhardtii and Neodesmus sp.

(Zheng et al., 2014)

Several microRNAs target databases and some predictive tools were integrated into AtmiRNet to develop the microRNAs regulatory networks in Arabidopsis.

(Chien et al., 2015)